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Disinfecting Every Corner of the House


Having a clean home is the foundation of every individual’s health. It’s not a problem if your busy schedule makes you unable to maintain your home on a regular basis. You can always rely on a cleaning service provider.

Reserve the thorough housekeeping and disinfecting duties on a weekly basis. Homeowners should routinely disinfect high-touch areas. Among the most frequently touched objects are light switches, door knobs, and even our phones.

As for high-traffic areas, concentrate vacuuming on entrances and hallways. The shoes of owners and visitors alike are likely to carry disease-causing microorganisms from the outside. One can save more time and energy in cleaning by simply taking off shoes immediately. Doing so lessens the need for frequent carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Next on the list is the floor. Be mindful that different floor types require a specific set of cleaning products. Disinfecting wipes is more than enough if you have a hardwood floor. As for tiles, the typical household cleaning products will suffice. The best janitorial services in San Leandro California would not recommend exposing such materials to liquids.

Suggestions from the best cleaning services in San Leandro California, also include the bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms in disinfecting. For bathrooms, prioritize disinfecting the toilet bowl, shower, and bathtub. Thoroughly disinfect the kitchen by using disinfectant spray on surfaces and soft fabrics. To disinfect the bedroom, disinfectant sprays are best on nonwashable fabrics, and laundry sanitizer is for washable ones.

Together with A1 Pro Cleaning Services, we are your partner in various home maintenance needs. We believe that everyone has the right to stay in a clean home. Book an appointment with us to reserve a spot.

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